Coaches and Staff 2018

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Mark “Carv” Carvalho, General Manager (4th Season)

Brett Clark, Head Coach (1st Season)




Jake Gibbs, Assistant Coach (1st Season)


Jordan Rousselle, Assistant Coach (1st Season)



Board of Directors

Kevin Pouch, Director of Operations

Chris Pate, Consultant

Mark Reibenspies, Director of Personnel

Chad Frey, Media Relations

Dr. Brett Roufs

Brent Coffman

Phil Stutey

Connie Vagner, Host Family Coordinator

Carl Hodges, Team Founder/Advisor
Carl Hodges founded the Newton Rebels in 2000, and served as the general manager through the 2007 season. Under Hodges watch, the Rebels have grown from a start-up franchise to one of the most successful summer collegiate programs in the nation. After assembling the Rebels’ first NBC World Series team in 2004, the team gone on to earn seven NBC World Series bids, two Walter Johnson League titles, and an NBC Midwest Regional title.

After the 2007 season, Hodges elected to step down as the General Manager of the Rebels, and handed the reins over to Chris Pate and Sean Bechtold. Despite no longer being the general manager, Hodges is still very much involved with the Rebels organization. Whether he is helping out of town players get settled in at the beginning of the season, working at home games, or promoting the team, Hodges is an invaluable asset to the Rebels program.