Become a Rebel Booster


The Rebels are always looking for individuals to support our baseball program. Currently, we are looking for host families for out of town players and financial sponsors. Anyone who is interested in becoming a booster is encouraged to contact Rebels management at any time.


As you are aware, running a successful program is not without its costs. Our annual budget requirements are usually between $12-15,000. This cost covers every aspect of our program, including: travel expenses, uniforms, umpires, equipment and tournament entry fees. It would not be possible for our program to exist without the support of local individuals and businesses.

In addition, over half of our roster is usually comprised of players who come from out of state. Many of these players need host family arrangements for the duration of the season.

Listed below are many of the ways you can help the Rebels become one of the top teams in the nation!!

Host Families
Being a host parent can be a very rewarding experience. Host families provide an out of town player a place to live for the summer season. Generally, the player will be in the Newton area from late May through early August. By opening your home to a Rebel player, you are giving a quality young individual the opportunity to further their baseball career. Also, many host families find that their guest player is a great role model for children in the home. If you are interested in being a host parent this summer, please contact Rebels management to discuss this opportunity! All host families will be recognized as Rebels boosters, and will receive free admission to all home games.

Many of our players will also be looking for part time employment this summer. If your business is in the need of some extra help this summer, please contact Rebels management. All businesses providing employment to Rebels players will be recognized as Rebels boosters, and will receive free admission to all home games.

Financial Sponsorships
This season, the Rebels will put together a game program that will be provided for free at all home games, as well as the post season tournaments. Rates for advertising in the Rebels program range from $50 for a business card size ad to $500 for the front cover of the program.

Also, the Rebels will be offering buy-out nights. A buy-out night is when a local business donates $350 for a doubleheader or $250 for a single 9 inning game. Everyone is then admitted free to the game, and your business is noted as the game sponsor. This is a great way to gain exposure for your business!!

***All program and buy out sponsors will receive free admission to all home games.

If you are interested in helping out in any way, please contact any member of Rebels staff!!!