Coaches Show #1

Welcome to our first ever coaches show for the Newton Rebels. We will be talking to our coaches each week about how the season is going, getting to know each coach better, and anything else they decide to talk about. This week we will be asking each coach a couple of questions, as the 2020 season nears.

I asked the coaches two questions to see what they were most ready about for this upcoming season.

  1. What are you most excited about this season? Coach Clark answered, “I’m extremely excited to see the talent we have recruited take off on the field. This is a special group we have coming to Newton this summer. I’m excited for report day on June 8!” Coach Brockbrader answered, “To finally have some baseball being played in the United States and meeting the boys who all come together and share the same goal… winning a championship. Coach Rousselle answered, “I’m excited for a summer that is all about baseball. We get to focus on games without the distractions.
  2. What are you goals for the team this summer? Coach Clark answered, “My goal is to get every single player back to where they should have been this spring, competing and showing up ready to grind everyday. Yes, we all want to win, but this summer is more important than that. My goal is to guide these players to where they want to be. No spring baseball was devastating to see. Summer baseball is almost here, so these players can do what they do best: relax and play baseball”. Coach Brockbrader answered, “Winning the SCL and making the NBC World Series, but most importantly getting our guys ready to go back to school’s and dominate”. Coach Rousselle answered, “I’m excited to get these guys back to the game they love. This summer is the most important summer for collegiate athletes that we have ever had. My goal is to get them ready to for their respective season and back on track for successful careers.

We can’t wait for the guys to get here, so we can begin FINALLY playing America’s Pastime. We will be back soon with the 2nd Coaches Show, follow us on Twitter: @newtonrebels Instagram: @newtonrebels FB: Newton Rebels Baseball